Spotlight: Microsoft Philanthropies

It’s always good to see major companies using the advantage of their positions for good. Most recently, Microsoft has joined these philanthropic ranks with the aptly named multicolored doorMicrosoft Philanthropies. The company sees the democratization of technology as an inherently good thing, yet realizes that many societies are left out of this collective advancement for the following reasons:


Even though most of the world is benefiting from technological connectivity, a large number of people have been excluded from this because of poverty. Low income and quality of life prevents many people from acquiring mass-produced technology that is supposed to make life safer, healthier, and easier.

Lack of STEM Related Stem Education

How can we expect people to get involved with technological innovation and development when the educational opportunities aren’t even there. The old proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” has never been more true in this day in age. People shouldn’t have to wait to receive new technology— they should be right there developing them with everyone else.

Physical Non-accessibility

For many people with disabilities, they may be prevented from using certain technologies. Microsoft Philanthropies hopes to work to create opportunities for people who may have been excluded from these life-changing experiences.

Geographical Non-accessibility

In a similar vein, many regions of the world lack connectivity to certain technologies. The lack of proper infrastructure could but a dent in internet usage, and satellite concentrations could exclude entire regions from mobile connectivity.

Microsoft Philanthropies hopes to combat these issues by encouraging employees and creative partners to strive towards inclusion, education, and charitable activity.

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